Small-scale farm equipment

In response to a request from a client, I’ve been doing some research into small-scale grain equipment, especially harvesting equipment.  My research so far is included below.

Note that I haven’t used any of this equipment so do not take any of this as an endorsement and you should research it thoroughly on your own (and please tell me if you learn anything or have experience with any of this, or other similar, equipment).

Some great pictures of equipment involved in small-scale bean harvesting

Ferrari Tractors has lots of information about small-scale farm equipment on their website.

Kincaid Equipment Manufacturing, small, but still commercial,-scale grain equipment manufacturer

Allis-Chalmer All-Crop Harvester… old small-scale self-powered tow-behind combine
this company sells parts for them:

Truax Company grain drill

Earth Tools, distributor for BCS and Grillo walk-behind farm tractors and implements

Reichhardt Minibatt, handheld mini combine for VERY small-scale grains harvesting

Washington State University list of small-scale grain equipment sources and information

Northern Grain Growers, resources for northern grain growers

Small-scale grain harvesting equipment

Designing a Small-Scale Grain Harvester: A Tool for Urban and Peri-urban Growers, a WPI research project report

Information about Harvesting Soybeans … not specific to small-scale.


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